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“The Dry Ice Specialists”

We specialize in providing our customers in Louisville with very high levels of dry ice service, fresh dry ice products, and timely, reliable dry ice distribution within 24 hours. FR Environmental is the leading supplier of dry ice in the Louisville Ky area. While we produce dry ice in our local Kentucky facilities with certified equipment, we also offer a wide variety of dry ice for commercial and personal use. For pricing, delivery and more, call us today.

FR Environmental is your local source for dry ice pick up and delivery in Louisville, Kentucky. FR Environmental dry-ice-to-order can have your ice brought to your door within 24 hours in Louisville or Lexington. Whether you need dry ice for a party, production fog effects, or a freezer breakdown, FR Environmental supplies dry ice and will even rent dry ice machines. FR Environmental will have your dry ice needs met in the Louisville, KY and surrounding areas.

Dry Ice for:

Business/Commercial Delivery – Home Delivery - Special Effects - Emergency Refrigeration - Power Outages
Long Picnics – Camping/Hunting - Frozen Food Transportation – Catering

Save Money

Call for an appointment today with our dry ice specialist to let us help you to save up to 30% on your annual dry ice purchases.

Why Choose FR Environmental Dry Ice of Louisville?

When you choose FR Environmental as your dry ice supplier in the Louisville area, you will be provided “local” service from our dry ice branch strategically located close to Louisville and Lexington for 24-hour superior customer service!

Is Dry Ice Environmentally Friendly?

Our dry ice is produced from pure food grade carbon dioxide that is harvested from other manufacturing processes. This process does not create additional carbon dioxide or add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Therefore it does not contribute to the greenhouse affect.

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. When this naturally-occurring gas is frozen at temperatures of -109°F it becomes solid. In this form dry ice has many uses and benefits.

Benefits of FR Environmental Dry Ice

For Freezing: Five pounds of dry ice lasts approximately 24 hours in a vented cooler.

When Cooling: Put a small amount of dry ice in the bottom of a vented cooler. Next, cover with wet ice and then pack your cooler.

Halloween or Special Events: Always have plenty of dry ice on hand for Halloween or any special event. Dry ice is fantastic for creating that spooky effect with a carved pumpkin or creating that special effect for your event.

Camping, Hunting, Fishing, or Boating: Enjoy the advantages of refrigeration and the convenience of dry ice. Whether your food needs to be chilled or kept frozen, dry ice is perfect for the job.

Power Failure or Defrosting a Freezer: Store refrigerated items in a vented cooler with dry ice on the bottom. Newspaper or a piece of cardboard can be used between food and dry ice, so your items do not freeze. For frozen items, put them in a vented cooler with the dry ice on top of your food to keep them frozen. Make sure to have your cooler in a well-ventilated area. As soon as the problem is fixed, let the dry ice sublimate in an open ventilated area.

Things to Know When Using Dry Ice

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide (CO2). Regular water ice exists at temperatures of 32°F and below; dry ice is extremely cold: -109°F. Dry ice does not melt like regular water ice. Instead it will change directly from solid to gas, releasing CO2. Since carbon dioxide vapor is heavier than air, having dry ice in a confined, poorly ventilated space will lead to an oxygen depleted atmosphere making it difficult to breathe.


ALWAYS USE GLOVES or a towel when handling dry ice. Touching dry ice to the skin may cause frostbite and burns. Use dry ice in a well-ventilated area as the release of carbon dioxide gas may cause difficulty in breathing. If using a cooler, the lid should be cracked open and the drain spigot can be opened to keep it ventilated.

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