Dry Ice Blasting in Louisville by FR Environmental

Get a better Clean with Dry Ice Blasting

    Manage residues - Release Agents and Contaminants - Oils and Films

    Dry Ice Cleaning/Blasting Applications In the Louisville Area Include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Facilities
  • Historical Buildings Restoration
  • Medical Buildings
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Electrical Engines and Components
  • Turbines, Rotors, AC/DC Motors, and more
  • Transformers
  • electric motors
  • pumps
  • HVAC
  • Oil Spill Decontamination
  • Robotics
  • priceless artifacts
  • medical equipment
  • Injection Molds
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration
  • Print Cleaning
  • Disaster Remediation
  • Resins/Polymers
  • Viscous Liquids
  • Wood Preservatives
  • and much much more...


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Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting in Louisville:

Dry ice cleaning is a new cleaning process that is revolutionizing the cleaning and blasting business. From the need to reduce costs and protect the environment, dry ice cleaning is gaining popularity. For many environmental reasons dry ice has replaced sand blasting, soda blasting, glass bead blasting, and other available solvent methods.

Dry ice cleaning and blasting is an efficient and cost-effective way for many different industrial cleaning applications. Dry ice blasting is used to manage residues, release agents and contaminants, oils and films, and much more. The dry ice blasting process is nonflammable, non-conductive, and non-abrasive. Dry ice cleaning and blasting can also be used without damaging active mechanical or electrical parts (when done correctly) and without creating a fire hazard.

Many different industries in Louisville have generated substantial savings while being environmentally conscious by cleaning with dry ice blasting. Call FR Environmental of Louisville, “The Dry Ice Specialists,” today at 502-439-4885.

How Does Dry Ice Cleaning Work?

Dry ice cleaning sprays CO2 particles at high speed to impact and scour the surrounding surfaces. Soft dry ice particles are expelled by using compressed air like other blasting methods, only without any additional toxic effects. Once the energy transfer has blasted off the contaminant, it can be cleaned without abrasion.

When the dry ice explodes on contact with the contaminant, it warms and converts into a harmless gas which expands and forces the contaminant from the object being cleaned. After the contaminant has been washed away, the CO2 evaporates, leaving only the original contaminant to dispose of.

Dry Ice Blasting by FR Environmental Is the Superior Cleaning Method

  • Dry Ice is Environmentally Friendly and contains no additional solvents or grit
  • Dry Ice ads no contamination effects
  • Dry Ice is non toxic to the environment
  • Dry Ice has no harmful substances and is Green
  • Dry Ice cleans without damaging equipment
  • Dry Ice will not damage electrical, wiring, sensors (When done correctly) and more

Why use FR Environmental dry ice blasting?

FR Environmental uses only the best dry ice-certified equipment available. With its years of experience, FR Environmental is the company of choice for businesses in the Louisville and Lexington areas. When only the best will do, companies choose FR Environmental to get it done right the first time and get the peace of mind they deserve.

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